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Avocado Toast Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

In this episode Eric and Matt cover Incentive Stock Options basics, dos and don'ts, and some key considerations you should keep in mind if your employer has granted you stock options. If you receive equity compensation in Incentive Stock Options, this is a must listen podcast!

Learn about:

  • Stock Option terminology...

Oct 20, 2020

This easy to implement strategy can save you millions in taxes over your lifetime. The Backdoor Roth IRA is one of the most accessible tax strategies available to HENRYs yet so often under utilized. Learn about the power of the Backdoor Roth IRA, and the nuanced rules surrounding it, in this episode!

Oct 13, 2020

Are you preparing to purchase your first home, or going through the process once again? Listen to this episode to learn tips on preparing yourself for the home buying process:

  • Checking your credit report
  • Finding a mortgage consultant
  • Hiring a real estate agent
  • The mortgage pre-approval process



Oct 6, 2020

Gain some insights into some high level tax strategies and basic tax planning principles in this episode with Eric and Matt. We cover:

  • Earning power and income levels during your lifetime
  • Income streams and differing characters of taxable income
  • Tax rate arbitrage concepts
  • Opportunistic and proactive planning