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Avocado Toast Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

In this episode Eric and Matt cover some of the pros and cons of investing in real estate, specifically rental property, as an alternate income stream. Learn the basics about what to know and what to consider in this episode!

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode Eric and Matt discuss some of the basic concepts of life insurance, the different types available to you, what you should be considering as a HENRY, and more!

Jan 19, 2021

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Avocado Toast Financial Planning Club!

Jan 12, 2021

Should you or should you not DIY your investing? In this episode Eric and Matt cover:

  • The emotional cycle of investing
  • Psychological biases
  • Investing discipline
  • When to seek professional help

Jan 5, 2021

In a prior episode Eric and Matt discussed tips for making finances work in a marriage. Unfortunately, not all marriages work out. In this episode Eric and Matt discuss tips for planning for or going through a divorce. In this episode learn how to:

  • Budget for divorce
  • Review your debts and credit
  • Update estate planning...