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Avocado Toast Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

In this episode of the Avocado Toast Podcast, Eric and Matt discuss the history of 529 plans, the basics of how they work, tips on how to choose the right 529 plan for you and other best practices for education planning.

Mar 23, 2021

In this episode Matt and Eric delve a little deeper into "budgeting for baby" with our focus on childcare costs and how to factor these into your financial plans. What to expect at each stage, what to plan for, tax efficient tips and more!

Mar 16, 2021

If you are fortunate enough to receive a financial windfall, whether it be from a fortunate investment, inheritance, gift or otherwise, what do you do next? Avoid squandering your money and take prudent steps to continue on your path to financial freedom. Learn more in this episode!

Mar 9, 2021

Learn all about Restricted stock grants and units including common terminology, tax treatment and tax planning and strategies for maximizing your payout from this form of employer compensation.

Mar 2, 2021

An IRS audit is one of the biggest fears of taxpayers. In this episode Eric and Matt cover what constitutes an audit, some common IRS audit red flags, how taxpayers are selected for audit, what your chances of being audited are and how to mitigate potential audit risk!