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Avocado Toast Podcast

Mar 4, 2022

In this episode Eric and Matt cover part II of our "what would a billionaire do?" series. Learn more about how billionaires approach investing, managing their assets, risk management, travel, their legacy and more.

Aug 6, 2021

Do you want to be a multi billionaire from your Roth IRA like Peter Thiel? We can't help you pick the right investments to make that happen, but we can help you decide whether a self-directed IRA or Roth IRA is right for you!

Jul 9, 2021

If you had to do it all over, what would you have done differently? In this episode Eric and Matt discuss some of the financial decisions they would have made differently with the benefit of experience (and hindsight).

Jun 15, 2021

There has been a big rise in popularity this year about Cryptocurrency and Crypto Assets such as Bitcoin. In this episode Eric and Matt discuss how to approach Crypto investing including understanding risks, how much of you should consider allocating to Crypto if anything, and more!

Jun 12, 2021

When investing should you DCA (Dollar Cost Average) into your investments or should you just put in a lump sum? Which strategy is preferable for you? Learn more about the pros and cons of each strategy and what the data says in this episode with Eric and Matt!